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How did you find MetaFilter?

I think my roommate sent me a link to it once, right after I'd moved to NYC in 2002. (I wasn't able to get an account of my own till 2005.) I remember working an internship at a publishing house and showing something on MetaFilter to a co-worker. A couple years later, I found out that guy had been Divine_Wino. WHOOPS, I bet he thought I was dumb.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Hermitosis's Brushes With Death, Real and Imaginary

So much of my social life, my professional life, and my creative inspiration has come from MetaFilter that I can't really imagine what my life (or my brain) would be like now without it.

I had been a MeFi reader and very-tentative participant for some time, but it wasn't until I posted this question -- asking whether I should contact the surviving relatives of a man whose death I'd witnessed some years before -- that I felt connected to the community in a meaningful way. People seemed to reach out emotionally in their responses in a way I'd never really encountered firsthand online before.

It was made extra memorable when I was able to update the thread with very odd details from my conversation with the man's widow.

And of course, later on I got emotional responses of another kind -- angry, frustrated ones -- when I refused to call 311 over a creepy smell in my building that I sort of half-way imagined MIGHT be a dead body. In fact, I lied about calling in my follow-up just so people would let it rest... by then I was really, really sure that I had been mistaken, but people couldn't seem to accept that, so I lied. SORRY.

To many people I will probably always be that asshat who swore he'd disable his account if a certain comment garnered 500 favorites. When it finally happened, I laid low with another account for what seemed like an appropriate period before sneaking back into my old persona.